Welcome to Silcapor Kosovo. For support contact us: +383 (0) 44 872 791

Dëshmorët e Kombit STR No 55
Matlume, Kaçanik, Kosovo

Our Mission and Vision!

Silcapor - Unio Commerce is committed to quality assurance, therefore part of our mission is to send the quality of our products and services towards perfection. The challenge is not easy, but we have often agreed to face it because we are used to never negotiating with quality.

Together towards perfection!

We invite all those who think they have ideas for perfection to share them with us, so that together we can have products that exceed many times the quality standards, and that directly affect the well-being of our society, since the greater the demand, the more jobs are created.

We are convinced that together we can achieve that our products are in demand not only in the local but also in the international market.