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Dëshmorët e Kombit STR No 55
Matlume, Kaçanik, Kosovo

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Silcapor manufactures lightweight autoclaved porous concrete and brings you Silcapor blocks that are the most suitable blocks for light construction, economical, durable, resistant, insulating and above all – ecological and clean.

Silcapor is the only factory in the region for the production of thermal insulation blocks. Investments for the construction of this factory began in 1983 and ended in 1988 when production began. The factory is located in the village of Doganaj in the Municipality of Kacanik.

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What is Silcapor?

SILCAPOR is a construction material production technology, which means an assortment of wall elements with different dimensions (width, length and height). SILCAPORI is of inorganic mineral origin, expressly lightweight construction material, which is produced industrially, with a specific brand of cellular concrete.

SILCAPOR - Saves energy, is a light construction material and is produced from pure materials such as quartz sand, cement, lime and water. It is a high-quality product, produced in Kosovo with Swedish technology, which meets international standards for pure ecological production.

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