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Block properties

SILCAPOR is a construction material production technology of the cellular concrete group - aerated concrete. Aerated concrete is of inorganic mineral origin, that is, a lightweight construction material, which is produced industrially, with a certain brand of concrete cellular, different volumetric measures, easy and fast manipulation in construction, especially with reinforced plate factories and high thermal insulation.

The structure of porous concrete is determined by the pores formed in the mass, as an important factor in influencing black properties such as:

  • Light weight material,
  • Thermal insulation material,
  • compressive strength,
  • Fire resistance,
  • Frost resistance,
  • moisture migration,
  • Exact dimensions,
  • Processing, construction and analysis during application.

Thermal properties

Physical dimensions Symbol Measurement unit Value
Coefficient of heat conductivity λ W/mk 0,09
Water vapor diffusion resistance, according to DIN 52615 μ - 4,34
Volumetric measure γ 3Kg/m3 450-500
Specific heat c kJ/KgK 0,858
Heat absorption coefficient S24 W/mK 2,53